Owner – refers to the person(s) or business who has consigned their dress to Little Borrowed Dress and signed the above agreement.

Garment – refers to the item the owner has consented to consign to Little Borrowed Dress.

LBD – refers to Little Borrowed Dress.

Client –  refers to a customer who has hired an item from Little Borrowed Dress.

Dry Cleaner – refers to any individual or business who cleans garments for Little Borrowed Dress.

Third Party – refers to any individual or business who is engaged by Little Borrowed Dress that is not listed above.

Consignment – refers to the act of consigning, the act of giving over to another person or agent’s charge, custody or care any material or goods but retaining legal ownership until the material or goods are sold

  1. Garments are signed up for 6 months at a time.
  2. Owner relinquishes all rights to the dress during the period of which it is consigned to LBD.
  3. Dresses must be presented to LBD in a ready to hire condition – no dry clean required.  If the dress requires a dry clean LBD can arrange this at the owners cost.
  4. LBD reserves the right to put in place any promotions or discounts at our discretion only.  Owners are not entitled to give any discounts.
  5. The owner will receive 40% of the hire price.
  6. Funds are dispersed to the owner as follows;
    40% of the Garment Hire Price

    • Less any taxes (e.g. GST)
    • Less any maintenance  (general wear & tear)
    • Less any promotions or discounts if applicable

    The remainder will then be debited into the owners chosen account within 31 days of the dress being returned from its hire.

  7. Consignment payments and email notifications will be completed monthly.
  8. Garments are returned to Spotless Dry Cleaners Subiaco (In Crossways Shopping Centre) by clients to be cleaned after each hire.
  9. LBD is to arrange any alteration/modification of the dress at our discretion (general wear & tear)
  10. LBD is to acquire permission from the owner should the dress require any significant modification (e.g. raising the hem)
  11. LBD staff are permitted to wear the garment free of charge should it not be hired for the particular date (form of advertising) –dry cleaning is to be covered by LBD staff.
  12. LBD is not responsible should the garment be lost, stolen or damaged while in the care of a dry cleaner or any other third party.
  13. LBD will take reasonable steps to receive compensation on behalf of the owner should garment become lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair while under the care of a dry cleaner or any other third party. Adhering to terms and conditions of the dry cleaner or third party.
  14. Owner is entitled to a 10% store wide discount.
  15. Owner may hire their own dress should the dress not be hired 24hrs prior to their event.  Dry cleaning cost is to be covered by the owner (to be arranged by LBD).
  16. The garment is to be kept in the LBD collection for the duration of the agreement (6 months), and for the duration of any outstanding bookings made during the 6 month agreement.
  17. At the end of the consignment agreement LBD will make 3 attempts at contact via phone and 3 attempts at contact via email, if the owner does not respond or get in touch with LBD, the dress will remain in the collection for a minimum of 2 months.  If the owner has still not made contact at the end of this additional 2 month period, LBD reserves the right to dispose of the dress or claim ownership at our discretion.
  18. Similarly, if LBD has not made contact with the owner by the end of the consignment period the terms of this agreement will continue apply past the 6 month initial period in perpetuity, until contact is made and a new term is agreed to or the owner decides to remove their dress from the collection.
  19. LBD reserves the right to refuse the garment and void the Consignment Membership should any information provided be untrue or the garment arrives not as described (as per the Garment Application & the Consignment Membership Application Form).
  20. Garments may incur some general wear and tear during the 6 month duration
  21. Information provided on this form will be used in compliance with the Garment Application.
  22. If a garment is not returned or damaged beyond repair by a client LBD will make reasonable attempts to contact the client and recover 50% of the RRP.  If within one week of initial contact nothing has been resolved, LBD will deposit 25% of the RRP to the owners chosen account fully covering LBDs monetary responsibility to the owner.  If the remaining funds are recovered from the client after our initial reasonable attempts, LBD will pay out the owner an additional 25% from the recovered funds, totalling 50% of RRP. If the garment is recovered at a later date in good or gently worn condition, the deposited funds are to be returned to LBD immediately by the owner. If funds are not deposited to LBD’s bank account within a 2-week period from the date the owner was notified that the garment has been recovered, ownership of the dress falls to LBD.  However, the owner is still liable to transfer the deposited funds back to LBD.  If the garment is recovered the garment will remain in the LBD collection until the end of the initial agreed period.
  23. If due to unforeseen circumstances LBD is unable to recover the full funds owed by the client LBD is only obligated to pay the owner 50% of what we were able to recover.
  24. If a garment is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair LBD will not be held liable for more than 25% of the garments RRP.
  25. LBD reserves the right to amend the consignment terms and conditions at any time, excluding the Owners agreed hire price percentage.  Owners should check the website for the most updated version from time to time.  It is the Owners responsibility to check the Consignment Terms and Conditions which can be found on the website.   A direct link can be found here  Any changes made by LBD to the Consignment Terms & Conditions will be binding immediately.